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Oxygen Biochemical Curler, Curler, Rolling Curler manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Activated Oxygen Biochemical Curler, Wholesaler Hair Salon Furniture Salon Beauty Barber Chair, Red Color Hair Washing Chair&Bed Unit for Salon Shop and so on.

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Activated Oxygen Biochemical Curler

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50 Pieces US $245-450/ Piece
Port: Guangzhou, China
Production Capacity: 2000 PCS/Month
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Heater Type: Heater
Applicaiton: Salon
Material: Iron
Type: Semi-Automatic
Transport Package: Standard Export Carton
Specification: 113*46*45cm

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Basic Info

Model NO.: CB8101A&CB8101B&CB8101C
Trademark: ChaseBeauty
Origin: China
HS Code: 85163200

Product Description

CB8101AName:Activated oxygen biochemical instrument
Function:1.Air curling, steam dying&curling,col & moisture preservation with low tem 2.Power850W/230V800W/120V Meas:113*46*45cm  G.W:19Kg N.W:16kg
CB8101BName:lntegrated biochemical instrument with activated oxygen
Function:1.Air curling, steam dying&curling,cold and hot spraying & moisture preservation with low temperature effect 2.Fast and effective ozone disinfection,strong oxyge complete beauty & health care 3.Heating,styling,curling and health care Power:645W+850W/230V 600W+800W/120V 1.Meas:116*65*53cm  G.W:22.5Kg N.W:19kg  2.Meas:79*63*61.5cm  G.W:14.8Kg N.W:10.3kg
CB8101CName:lntegrated biochemical instrument with activated oxygen
Function:1.Air curling, steam dying&curling,cold and hot spraying & moisture preservation with low temperature effect 2.Fast and effective ozone disinfection,strong oxyge complete beauty & health care 3.Heating,styling,curling and health care Power:1200W+850W/230V 1110W+800W/120V 1.Meas:116*65*53cm  G.W:22.5Kg N.W:19kg  2.Meas:78*56*48cm  G.W:14Kg N.W:11kg
Ozone has a special and supernatural effect
for sterilization, detoxification and health care
With the advancement in technology and the fast industrial development, people always neglect the prevention and cure of pollution and deteriorate heavily our environment during the course the people seeking for high level creature comfort, especially us, who are engaging in hair beauty, handle chronically with chemicals which contaminate badly the environment. It is a excellent so lotion to improve the life and work deodorization, bleach, discoloring, fresh preservation, aerobics, pure and fresh etc.
There are many methods to generate ozone. It is not pure ozone, if generating ozone produces any ramifications and poisonous gas such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or nitrous acid etc. The ozone generator made by our company produces pure ozone treated by corona, which is the most stable and most expensive one among all these methods and doesn't contain any nitrogen oxide with the inspection by commodities inspection Bureau.
Ozone is consisted of three isotopic oxygen atoms (O) and a molecule (O3) with a molecular weight of 48. It is a blue varying gas with a sweat smell of herb under the room temperature. The specific weight of ozone is 1.5 times that of oxygen, therefore it is called also heavy oxygen, which is easier than oxygen to dissolve in water. Ozone has a super performance of oxidation, which is stronger than that of oxygen (O2), so that it is named also strong oxygen or super oxygen, Ozone (O3) reduces easily to oxygen (O2) and gives off heat energy and equivalent electric energy absorbed by pullulating.
Ozone has a special and supernatural effec
for sterilization, detoxification and health care
a. Its performance of oxidation is 1 time higher than that of chlorine and sterilization is 600-3000 times faster than that of chlorine, It may kill the germ within few seconds.
b. When water concentration reaches 0.04PPM, It will kill all bacillus coli, staphylococcus aurous, hay bacillus, spore black variety with in 0.25-1min.
c. When water concentration reaches4-6PPM, hepatitis B virus and some mollusks in water will be killed within 1 min.
d. When water concentration reaches 0.3-4PPM, organic phosphorous pesticides remaining on the surface of fruits or vegetables, herbicide, and D.D . T. will be oxidized and reduced completely.
e. It an inhibit carcinogenic virus on fruit s and vegetables and eliminate products of  metabolism bad for storage of fruits and vegetables such as ethylene, ethanol, etc.
It's strong performance of oxidation can be oxidized or reduced into poisonous gas , such as carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (NO), hydrocarbon (He), sulfide, ammonia, etc, which reduce quickly  microorganism, organic substance and compound the odor composed and kill germ in the air rapidly.
Health care:
For health care, Ozone is good for acceleration of home, metabolism of erythrismal, and blood circulation, activates cells, recovery soon from fatigue and helps to
insomnia, anemia and hypertension, It has a super effect of sterilization for bacteria  of unknown etiology, such as cool, hepatitis AB, poliomyelitis, and pulmonary tuberculosis etc, especially for therapy of dermatoid and beriberi. Oxygen is the best element to activate skin cell. And ozone may whiten, smoothen and tend the skin.  Bath with it, the whole body will absorb freshly and the metabolism be accelerated to obtain an effect of health care. It has antisepsis and anti-inflammation for female   private sanitation to keep a rater good health care for ladies. Applying ozone in the bathroom can prevent from hypoxia or carbon monoxide toxic sis for too much steam.

Effect for hair beauty of ozone generator.
Normal rinse will do harm to the hair. Some poisonous compound retaining in hair  scale and scalp after perm, for example ammonia, dim ethyl benzene, methylbenzene,  etc, which can't be cleansed completely with any shampoo, will do harm to the hair and the health. Ozone generator can reduce and oxidize completely substances retained from perm and daily chemicals and cleanse out and out and out, so that the hair is really free and healthy .It is free of noise and constriction by perm for steam and water molecule distribute evenly and have not dead angle from up to down.
Hair dyeing:
a. It is difficult for vintage and causes heavily decolonization.  
b. The steam heats up unevenly.
c. Poisonous substances deriving from chemicals retain chronically in the hair.
d. he scalp will inflame, be sensitive to that, multiply and cause damages on the root after dyeing.
Aiming at dyeing, the ozone generator can enhance vintage with an effect of better fresh preservation, so that the hair looks much more smooth and bright after dyeing. It will protect much better for the allergic dermatitis patient by dyeing.
Hair conditioning and scalp nursing:
Normal hair conditioning is led by the product, but neglect that some poisonous substances retaining by perm can't be cleansed completely with any shampoo, That causes the product losses the intrinsic effect and do harm to the hair.
Ozone generator can oxidize and reduce quickly the chemical substances retaining in the hair. Anion ozone can strengthen the hair function of absorption  and nursing, which will produce cassia high-speed motion of water molecule, so that water becomes small water molecule to penetrate and renew hair conditioning, water molecules renew the hair, deepen into the root, and kill or sterilize bacteria or fungus to ensure clean and healthy root and black and bright hair.
Ozone may accelerate blood circulation, growth of heme, and metabolism of red blood cell and activate cells. It will absolutely improve trichomadesis caused by degeneration of function, metabolism, sebaceous glands Para secretion, hormone  dyssecretosis, and root calcification, for example rune, complete, seborrhea, and shun ty
Illustration of control panel :
1. Time display and adjustment
 2. High/Low temperature display and adjustment (use together with the key
 3. Level display The light ON at the time the level is low, the light ON and 
   buzzing "BB" at the time the level is too low (in this case, you must push 
   the key POWER again.)
 4. Mist display and adjustment 
 5. Timer
 6. Temperature 
 7. Mist 
 8. Level display
 9. Steam perm 
 10. Steam hair dyeing 
 11. Steam hair protection
 12. Cool mist 
 13.  Ozone
 14.  Heating
 15.  Wind perm
 16.  Power ON/OFF

1. Wind perm: If you choose this function, please restart the key Heating (+O3).
2. Steam hair dyeing: If you choose this function, start the key Heating  (+O3) automatically.
3. Steam hair dyeing: If you choose this function, Start the key Heating (+O3) automatically.
4. Steam hair perm: If you choose this function, start the key Heating (+O3) automatically.
5. Low-temperature mist function: (+O3), restart the key Heating. It will become hot spray

a. Incline the delivery hose 135o and connect with the output port .
b. Install the hood under the supervision of specialist.
Instrument Operation:
A. Connect with the power, that means supply correct voltage (220V~) to the instrument;
B. Fill with water; never switch on in the case of empty;
C. Start Power ON/OFF in the left side of the body, then the light will be on and buzz B". 
D. Start the key POWER, both left and right digital buzzes on the control panel display" O" and buzz "B". If "B" buzzes continuously, it shows empty. 
Please fill with water till buzzing stops; at this moment water level indication light is still ON, you have to restart the POWER.
E. Function selection (choose the function you wanted).ere are total five functions

There are total five functions:
1. WIND (wind perm):  When you choose this function, you have to preset the temperature you wanted by the key TEMP, and then restart the key Heat With/without ozone (O3) depends on the hair and the demand of the clients;
 2. Perm (steam hair conditioning): When you choose this function, it will lock in 46ºC, 10 min automatically. With/without ozone (O3) depends on the hair and the demand of the clients;
3. COLOR (steam perm): When you choose this function, it will lock in 46ºC,  10min automatically. With/ without ozone (O3) depends on the hair and the demand of the coients;
4. CLINIC(steam perm): When you choose this function, it will lock in 52ºC, 13 min automatically. with/without ozone (O )depends on the hair and the demand of the clients.
5. MISI (Low temperature mist): When you choose this function, it will help to moisten the hair. (It is used as cool/hot spray damping machine in Barbra shop and Beauty parlor). Restart the key Heat, and then it will become hot spray. 
Note: the function in parenthesis is optional.
In addition: adjusts t to time displaying, at first, and then restart the key O3=Ozone generator (O3)
Compare between Perm, Hair Dyeing and 
Conditioning of O3 Ozone generator and those traditional.
O3 Perm Advantages:
a. No noise
b. Well-proportioned temperature, no dead angle
c. Protect from trichomadesis
d. No constriction by perm
e. Deodorization after perm
f. More safe and protective perm
g. Renew moisture for damaged hair
h. Ozone will improve the reinforced elasticity combining disulfide bonding
i. No scalp, dandruff and itching after perm to nurse the scalp.
O3 Hair Dyeing Advantages:
a. 30-40% enhancement
b. The color will be more bright and beautiful
c. Well proportioned color
d. Reduce chemicals retaining in the
O3 Hair Nursing Advantage:
a. Scalp conditioning, (dandruff, itching, baldness, lipa hyper secretion);
b. Lead the product to catalysis
c. Renew anion moisture
d. Reduce chemicals retaining in the hair and scalp.
Ambient Improvement:
a. Improve the image and the class of the barber shop;
b. Enhance the technical content of the barber shop;
c. Care more the health of our clients and staffs;
d. Freshen the air and aerobics.

Operation Instrument for O3 Perm, Hair Dyeing, 
and Hair Conditioning:
A. Perm: there are wind perm and mist perm (the first without O3, the second with O3)
a. Wind perm: it is suitable for normal and healthy hair.
The first preparation:
1. Power ON
 2. Push directly function key WIND;
 3. Adjust the temperature in the range of 40~46ºC;
 4. Push again heating key HEAT.
The second preparation: Operate following the steps for first, and push key O3
b. Mist perm: it is suitable for the hair hurt heavily 
The first preparation:
1. Power ON
 2. Directly push function key CLINIC(perm);
 3. Adjust the temperature in the range 46-55ºC and preset the time. 
   (It will lock in 52ºC, 13min automatically before delivery.)
The second preparation:
Operate following the second preparation of wind perm.
B. Hair Dyeing: there are wind dyeing and mist dyeing (both with O3)
a. Wind dyeing: it is suitable for normal and healthy hair.
1. Power ON
 2. Directly push function key WIND;
 3. Adjust the temperature in the range 40-46ºC;
 4. Push again heating key HEAT;
 5. Push O3
B. Mist dyeing: it is suitable for the hair damaged heavily.
1. Power ON
 2. Directly push the key COLOR(dyeing);
 3. Adjust he temperature in the range 40-60ºC and set the time. (it will lock in 46ºC, 10min automatically before delivery.)
 4. Push the key O3.
C. Hair Nursing: atomizing hair conditioning (with O3):
1. Power ON
2 .Directly push the key PERM (with O3)
3. Adjust the tem aperture in the range about 40-46ºC and set the time. (it will lock in 46ºC, 10min automatically before delivery.)
4. Push the key O3
1. Don't move the air outlet by normal application, otherwise water may return so  that the heating coil in high temp erasure heats up suddenly superfluous water that arise the temperature abruptly.
2. When water quality is too bad, please change it by drain valve and rinse with acetic acid.
3 . Never start the machine in the case of empty.
4. This machine has be adjusted and inspected strictly before delivery. If there are any faults o r damages by operation, please sent our distributors or service centers appointed by our company and rep air it by professional staff.
Technical Index
Technical data:
Volt:220V-240V   or    Volt:120V
Frequency:50-60Hz      Frequency: 60Hz
Power:850W            Power:800W
Attention:This instruction all suit for above electrical appliance desctiption,the products must subject by electric nameplate..  
Ambient temperature: 0-40ºC

Trouble checking & shooting
"Main Power ON/
 OFF" doesn't work
  and light OFF;
Insert the plug  Power
cable disconnects with 
your AC socket. Fuse
blows Machine failures
Connect it and change the fuse of same size (if blows many times, please send it back for 
5 function keys don't
work and corresponding
lights also OFF without buzzing"B"
Key malfunction 
Machine failure
Key malfunction Machine failure
Others keys don't
work and 
lights OFF
if it stops without any reason, it is perhaps disturbed by electric
network, You have to restart the machine (switch on/off the 
main power).
Start function 2,3,4,
and 5. No mist 
Too high water level
(can't extend downwards from high air intake).
Circuit default.
Open the valve to drain some water, and then send it back
for maintenance.
Remark:Don't touch the float or in the water bottle (as foregoing fig, Showed), in the case of empty. Our company will bear 
nothing for the damage caused by that
Flying saucer Hairdryer
Operation procedure-Application and regular operation condition
Operation instructions
Precaution and maintenance
Assembly instructions and component combination
Installation of wall hanger
How to install the support of hairdryer
AC220V/50Hz 900/1100W
For the best operation result of "Flying Saucer" and the satisfaction of consumer in operation, please follow the step as shown between 

Step 1

Move the slide pipe upward or downward to regulate the 
Height of "Flying saucer", to allow the standard bar to stay 
by the rear center of consumer's neck.
The distance between the neck and the standard bar should 
be around 5cm For boom "Flying Saucer", hold the handle instead of the saucer to move the "Flying Saucer".
Step 2

Regulation standard of "flying Saucer"
l       Regulate the distance between the center and the head
to 12cm (5")
l       Regulate the distance between the standard bar and the
rear neck to 5cm(2").
Step 3
Keep A and B the same distance (as shown).

Regulation of fan: 
Regulate the angle of fan for different length and style of hair. Rotate the regulating knob for an upward inclination of 15 degree or a downward inclination of 30 degree.
Control panel 
1. START/STOP (Double-S) key:
Press the key to start and press again to stop operation.
2. MODE key:
Modes available include: perm, color, treatment, partial, perm, partial treatment, dry and manual.

3. TEMP key:
press the key to regulate the heating temperature from level to level 6.

4. TIMER key: Press the key to increase or decrease the time by one minute  of each press.
5. Fan key: Press the key to start or stop the fan function.
6. Heat key: Press the key to choose heat mode while the fan is on.
7. Rotate key: Press the key to choose rotate start or stop under dry or manual mode.
Operation procedure-application and regular operation condition
ModeApplicationSpecific ConditionTemp Control
PermRegulate the time and temperature ccording to the type of shampoo, quality of hair and the technology of hairstylist27 minOFFOFFOFFYes Start and stop by the preset heating mode
Regulate according to specific condition and mode.
TreatmentRegulate the time and temperature according to the type of pigment, quality of hair and the technology of hairstylist210 minOFFOFFONYes
Regulate according to specific condition and mode.
Regulate the time and temperature according to the type of shampoo, and the quality of hair.310 minOFFOFFONYes
Regulate according to specific condition and mode.
For partial perm treatment and acid colorings410 minOFFOFFONYes
Regulate according to specific condition and mode. 
DryFor drying and common natural hairstyle515 minONONONYes
Regulate according to specific condition and mode.
ManualCombination of multiple modes required 310 minONONONYes
Regulate according to specific condition and mode.
Operation instructions
1. The machine must be positioned correctly
l       Refer to page 1 for the position of "Flying Saucer".
l       If the "Flying Saucer" is incorrectly positioned, it will not work perfectly.
2. Switch on power:
l       The "Flying Saucer" is prepared for operation (time display of 00).
3.  Select operation mode:
l       Select the mode required.
l       The corresponding indicator lights on and the standard heating indicator lights on too. Time display starts.
l       Check if the heating level and time are required for regulation.
4.  Press START/STOP key
l       Circular heater starts rotating.
l       "Flying saucer" operates according to the time and heating level preset
5  During operation                              
l       The indicator for START/STOP key remains on.
l       The mode indicator remains on.
1. Press START/STOP key to stop operation.
2. The circular heater stops rotating and return to the original condition.
3. The indicator for START/STOP key turns off.
4. The mode indicator remains on.
5. The heating level changes from high to low or from low to high.
6. During ht termination of operation, the change of mode will be recognized.
6.  End of time preset:
l       When the time preset for the specific mode reaches the end, the buzzer will give alarm.
l       The fan will produce cool air.
I.   At the end of time preset, the buzzer gives an alarm and stop operation, The saucer returns to the original position.
. Memory of the last operation:
The temperature and time within the 60 minutes before the end of operation for the last operation can be recalled by pressing the START/STOP key, which is very useful for the comparison of mode.
7. Switch off power: Rotate and stop the circular heater
The circular heater rotates for 5 rounds over the head of consumer per minute under 60Hz (4 rounds under 50Hz). Except to set the center of heating to a specific position, it will rotate in the regular way under normal condition to either evenly position the constant temperature offer an ease, soft, comfortable and warm feeling to the consumer. If specific heating is required for partial perm, treatment and dry, choose the manual or dry mode to protect the saucer heating, against dame
Moving and heating of circular heater under different condition of rotating key
 Condition of rotating key
OperationOperation of normal regular mode if the key is on (except for dry and manual mode).Rotating stops if the key is off (under dry and manual mode).
Under operation mode ONONOFFON
Restart after a termination of 5 minONONOFFON
Restart after a termination of 5 minRotate to the original position and stopOFFRotate to the original position and stopOFF
Under cooling modeONOFFOFFOFF
End of cooling modeRotate to the original position and stopOFFRotate to the original position and stopOFF
If the circular heater stops at the rotating circle , how to return it to the original position?
When the operation time ends or press the START/STOOP key to automatically rotate the circular heater to the original position.
Self-detection alarm system:
For some reasons, the "Flying Saucer" will stop operation and return to standard condition if a failure is detected and give an alarm until the power is cut off. Turn off power immediately and restart the machine. If the abnormal failure still exists, contact your local agent.
1. This machine is not suit for the person who corporeity weakness, recation slow or impediment pneuma(include children)use,unless it guide by the person who had safe responsibility and safe use. 
2. The children should be supervise that make sure they not play the machine.
Company profile: 
Our company is specializing in researching, designing and producing all kinds of    Over the past 10 years, our products had been selling well all over the world, and the fashion design, perfect workmanship and high quality always have good appraise from our customers. 
In addiction , we can make products according to the given designs and produce the designed goods in large quantities(OEM/ODM service). in order to meet the great demand of the market ,we can produce the products according to the customers' given designs in large quantities .Should any question ,please kindly do not hesitate to negotiate with me for the latest price before you place an order.

With the shortest delivery time  , competitive  price and excellent follow up service .
 Welcome to inquiry for us.
Our business concept is "Sincere, Innovating, Developing ",we hope to grow up together with all our customers 
Sales Manager :COCO



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